Centre of Advanced Agriculture Science and Technology

Advanced Centre for Livestock Health (CAAST-ACLH)

CAAST subproject Advanced Centre for Livestock Health (CAAST-ACLH) is a sub-component ofthe prestigious ICAR-World Bank funded NAHEP project for strengthening Post GraduateResearch and Education and skill development. The CAAST sub-project ACLH mainly focuseson human capacity building, State of the Art Infrastructure Development and knowledgegeneration in the areas of animal vaccinology, diagnostics, immune-nutrition and genomics forenhancing the skill, entrepreneurship and employability.

The total funding for the project is Rs.1998.5 lakh for a period of 3years starting 2018-19 and ending 2020-21. The main componentsof the project are faculty up-gradation through international trainings, student sandwichprogrammes (at International Institutes/Universities), Adjunct and Visiting professorship,organizing distinguished lecture series and development of e-learning modules and ICT tools forskill development of students and faculty. Further, the project focuses on development of globallycompetitive infrastructure for research on livestock health.